One login for all of Volkswagen Group’s
digital services

VWgroup.io is a GDPR-compliant platform that empowers end users and Volkswagen Group applications to store, manage, and share user profile data securely.



Faced with fragmented user accounts and new GDPR challenges within the Volkswagen Group, we crafted a solution: a white-label, single sign-on experience. This unified, GDPR-compliant platform empowered users to manage their data centrally and seamlessly.

Duration & Team

2017 – 13 months
2 Product Manager
4 Developers
2 Designers

My Role

I led the redesign efforts for the landing, login, and user profile pages of the Volkswagen platform, while also adapting and customizing the design for SKODA, SEAT, AUDI and BONEO.


Build, Measure, Learn

When I joined the product, I inherited an outdated and unresponsive design that lacked scalability. Recognizing the need for a redesign, I successfully rallied the team behind the initiative. Drawing inspiration from Google Account and Apple ID, I introduced new design components that were not present in the Volkswagen style guide at the time. (This was prior to the launch of Volkswagen's new flat brand design)

old-vwgroupio-1 new-vwgroupio

Prototype development and iterative design

In our design process, I constructed interactive prototypes to effectively communicate the intended user interactions to the team. Through several design iterations, we continuously refined our solution to ensure its usability and appeal.

Brand-specific design adaptations

 In addition to Volkswagen, I collaborated with SEAT, SKODA, and AUDI, tailoring the design to each brand's unique style guide for a seamless visual experience.


Seamless transition to new branding and wider reach

In 2019, Volkswagen underwent a comprehensive rebranding. The flexibility of this redesign allowed us to seamlessly adapt our design in line with the new style guide. Moreover, the success of our approach is evident in our expansion, with BentleyID joining our portfolio and our user base exceeding 10 million.


What have I learnt

☞ Power of a strong design system

A robust design system significantly streamlines the design process, enabling faster and more efficient workflows. Working with AUDI was particularly smooth as they had a well-established and publicly accessible design system. Unlike other brands, I didn't encounter any hurdles or need to reach out to clarify design system-related queries.

What would I have done differently

☞ Voiced design concerns earlier

Reflecting on the project, I realize the importance of sharing my honest thoughts about the outdated design from the beginning. Instead of repeatedly making small fixes, I would have advocated for a redesign to save time and effort. Lesson learned for future collaborations!